Introducing our new Rust server! :D

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    Are you ready for a hog-killin’ time? Then come on over to our new Rust server!

    We're going to start a nice community around the french valley area. Need a place to call home? Then /warp valley, and pitch a tent. We'll patrol that area, and try to make sure nothing bad happens to ya while you settle in. We give a nice kit with a hatchet and food for starters. This is a full on pvp server, and if you're bellerin’ like a fool we're gonna team up and come kill ya.

    Admins and mods don't get any special kits or anything here. We're just like everyone else except we will ban all those boot-lickin' hackers. We're there to have a good ol' time just like everyone else.
    Want to become a mod? Use this form to apply.

    Voting for the server gives us more community reach, so make sure you do your part. You will get some lumber, and some bullets to protect yourself.

    You can vote here: Rust-Servers & Top Rust

    You might be asking yourself this question: How in the world do I join the server?
    It's actually very easy. Launch Rust, and then press F1 to bring up the console.


    Copy and Paste the above text into the console and press Enter.

    Type "/help" to view all the commands.

    So what are you still doing here? Vamoose, and go play on the server!
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  2. you have crack server running ?
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