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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Dovahguiin, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. Hello JPH o/
    Dovahguiin here.
    Just wanted to officially say hi to people, just to have done it. Haven't been around on your servers (Unturned PvE1 to be specific) for long. About 30 hours or something right now.

    Been playing Unturned for a while, but didn't really get into it until April-March-ish this year. Used to play on a server that sadly went down while I had a break from the game this summer, so after I started playing again a couple days ago, I've been looking around for somewhere to stay, and then I tried JPH PvE1 and liked it :p Or at least like it so far.

    Server seems nice at least. Got plug-ins I'm somewhat familiar with too, so that's nice :D
    Haven't been very active in chat so far, but that might change when I become more familiar with people on here.
    Might also check out some of the other Servers with different Maps, but PEI is my favorite, so probably gonna spend most of my time here.

    Dunno if I've got anything else to rant about, so gonna end the post here.
    See you in-game (maybe. Who knows?)
  2. What the hell is your profile picture?
  3. I knew someone was gonna ask that... Didn't expect it to be the first reply though :p

    It's a character from the Manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" called Killer Queen.
    I use it on Steam, and I guess it wanted to come along over here.
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    Welcome to the JPH servers! If you've any questions feel free to ask me or any other staff members.

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  5. Hah! Haven't seen that clip in a while :D

    Thanks and will do if I see any online (or here I guess, if I care enough)
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