Rejected Huge griefer named Santa

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Xaedra, Jul 23, 2015.

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    I dont know if this guy is using other accounts to play on JustPlayHere servers but I know that is name actually is Santa. This time I couldn't get any evidence because this guys acts quickly and blow up bases with RPG's and grenades and then run away so we dont find his name. I still finally founded his name. I couldn't take a picture of when I got his name while he was running but I can tell to everybody who plays on the JustPlayHere PVE servers to not build bases. Chip and Santa will blow everything up. I dont even know if Chip or Santa is the same person but with different clothes and name. But I think they have done the same kind of griefing. Wish you can understand that even without evidences.

    Edit: I have a small evidence about him saying that I dont have enough evidences to get him banned. He also disconnects after every grief that he do. I already know that I might not have enough evidences but an admin should be watching PVE 3 server. This happened 30 minutes after my last post "Spotted a griefer". They got posted almost at the same time because I had posted them in the wrong forum section(Support).

    ReEdit: He keeps changing name and he also admit that he was the griefer on a picture.

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  2. If I were you, I'd stop playing this server cause nothing will be done. There's no hope for this server anymore.
  3. not enough evidence to get me. try again later
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