Hi im Dan_Patate :) I hope I will be able to play with you

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Dan_patate, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. My friends call me the Happy Potato, by the smile they can think when im talking :)

    I have played unturned since 2.0 and i started playing on (just play here) when 3.0 was out.
    I didn't played much for quite some time due that i work a lot but when the weekend start, i found myself some hours to play. :)

    About me in-game

    Im more of a PvE player (the kind of guy who had fun just to pick & drop the soldier at battlefield) lol
    PvP made me jump out of my chair and stuck my head in the roof when I get shot from nowhere.
    More often, I don'T kill cow or deer, I love to see them running around.

    but today, i found mysefl ban.. Don't worrie, ive done a request, explain that im not a bad guy, that im sorry and I hope they understand and let me play again.
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