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  1. This guy got me banned from just play because I had in my name. He said I was spamming the chat with my ads somehow and banned me. I'm really mad and please unban me. I really like the servers and now I can't play anything because I was *spamming the chat with ads* even though it was only in my name for another game.
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    First off, read the rules. You found your way to the forum you can find your way to the "rules" tab. Advertising is against the rules. Unless it's a link to YOUR twitch, or any social media, it's against the rules. Secondly, you need to post your request in the "Ban appeals" tab- found here:

    When asked to not advertise your name, you didn't change it. So you got banned. Make your case in a ban appeal thread. For future reference should you be unbanned, you can alter your public name in your "survivors" tab. Believe it's under the "group" subcategory of that tab. From there you can change your public name.
  3. Yep, even though he's not staff, Hank pretty much covered it. Spam advertising with every line you type in chat. Change your name and file your appeal. Should the appeal be granted do not spam advertise again.
  4. He didn't give me a warning though. He just said valve was closing gambling sites and I said wasn't considered a gambling site and he banned me.
  5. Take it to the appeal section.
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