Help! Somebody stole my Desert Ural

Discussion in 'Support' started by tm3, Oct 25, 2016.

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    I have placed my desert ural near my base (small island right to novobirsk, Russia, PVE9). Now, its gone, someone stole it using stealywheely probably. I have locked it too. It has a sign on it like "Desert Ural Property of tm3". Yesterday another mod inform me that my desert ural was spotted by Mod Butter and as per his/her info some one else was driving that. But when i was in there yesterday it was put on the same place again. but today it's gone. Can some one please spot that vehicle. It has no fuel in it too. So, someone filled it up and stole it.

    The problem is i can't keep it in my base making a garage or something is that my base is in an island and i can't block water way (as per rule) to make bridge to put it in my island. So, please help regarding this.

    Also, i want to appeal for that stealy wheely automobiley removed from shop or raise its value to some 10000 bits lol. With that 500 bits stealy wheely every griever has got an access to carjacking. So, where in the forum i can appeal about this?

    Thanks and regards,

    Update / little info on investigation:
    Now, around 10:04 PM IST / 12:30 PM EST Tuesday, i found out that a desert ural have been taken by "Sakkasa". He / she found it without any sign, a little bit of fuel and unlocked near camp oleksandr. He/she is probably innocent as he/she found it there. So probably took it as a spawn item and he/she told me about this out by himself/herself on just querying a little on world chat. As per my guess there are 2 desert ural , one owned by Batman / Scorpion471 and one by me given by a mod. I haven't spotted any more desert ural yet in pve9 in Russia map. Also, do desert ural like vehicle spawns at place like camp oleksandr or anywhere in this map in pve9? So, is it that someone has grieved that sign, unlocked the vehicle and took it? You can question "Sakkasa" too ( He/she was around this time mentioned above). I think from his/her simple reply as a help, he/she is not lying; as the thief and griever won't speak of it at all esp. when you do just a query on world chat.
  2. Someone either stole it, or blew it up. There could also be new spawns of that same vehicle on the map, so don't go jumping to conclusions when you see another one, although it could easily be yours too. Keep an eye out, ask around, but don't get to hopeful , as you very well may never see it again, good luck though!
    About the stealy-wheely, here's what the owner had to say about it
    so I don't see them going anywhere.
  3. We cater to PvP servers as well. Stealys won't go anywhere for the time being. You can build a temporary bridge to your base if you need to, or build one high enough that it doesnt block waterways.
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    Thanks Hank for your reply i will do that.

    Thanks Karly for your reply.
    I am not at all jumping into conclusions that's why i am using the word "probably" and asking questions/queries as i have hardly played few days here only. (well i played 5 months ago in jph Yukon and Washington though ) Not acquainted with much of things here. :)

    Oh! and regarding the vehicle i have already told Sakkasa to keep it the same day i talked to him/her,as he/she has found it completely on his/her own at camp olek (even he/she wanted to return it to me) and esp. due to his/her reply to my simple query. I like his/her honesty; even if he/she has faintest idea about the vehicle may be grieved by someone. I was already walking a lot and i kinda like that too. ;) Plus all my skills are maxed out and got bonus skills on both pve9 and pve10 only by lots of zombie kill and quests exp. So, i am quite sure i can run pretty fast and reach by shortcut rather than taking vehicle on roads:p . It was that unknown mod who has given it to me as a gift.
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