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  1. I've been here for a while, though never truly bothered to introduce myself.
    So I'll do it now
    I'm Hexanova.
    Or Hex.
    or Nova.
    Or hey, just call me "That guy over there"
    Really doesn't matter what you call me, thing is I'm here for fun. I've had a couple of friends join the server(s) and I just really hope on having more join.
    There are a few problems with the servers, but I understand that they are mostly things can't be fixed (as of now)
    Yeah, griefing. Blah blah blah. big problem on PvE servers. Is on every game.
    Point is, I'm here for fun. And I plan to stick around, even if those problems don't get fixed.
    I hope all of you who read this have a wonderful night, day, whatever.
    Just have a heccin' good time doing whatever the hecc you're doing.
    Don't bamboozle me.
  2. That depend which land you come from, friend or foe. PVE 7 or PVE 10.
  3. Well good, I am the king of the 7 and 10 lands.
  4. Meaning he gets blamed for any griefing that happens there :p
  5. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes now, looks like he just earned a place on georgia's watch list ;)
  6. Haha! I need to check on my base and make sure nothing nefarious happened.
  7. I'll have my space needle back if it kills me. The tower belongs to the people.
  8. This will be interesting.
  9. @Anomaly: The Space Needle is mine. You will be permanently banned if you break any of the staff claim flags inside of it. The joke is over and you've taken the thread off topic. Locked.
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