Hello it is Sgt ḾᾀᖇḳຮḳṎṈ!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Skyfire, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Most will remember me by my older name Skylertheman40 I have been playing in JPH servers for about two months now and have really enjoyed the hospitality of the moderators and have tried to keep it rolling, I usually roam in PvE 7 though there is the odd times I may get brave and wander to another JPH server. You will usually find me trying to help out when there is a need and if you see a guy running towards you with medicine it's probably me. :D

    (Just today I have purchased Elite membership, while I am not sure if it is a necessity for me to mention I figured it was better safe than sorry, I am not in any big hurry to receive it I just mainly wanted to give some money to this server provider.)
  2. Hello there!, its nice to have you in our community and we hope you will enjoy your time and most important of all!, have fun!.
    Remember to follow the rules and tell others about the rules if they are not following them.
    Stay safe!
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