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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by mjwardjr, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Howdy folks been playing on the PvE 1 server for a couple days now and enjoying it.. Lots of good people there. I only have one question why was my base wiped out ? I put down a claim flag and had a sign on the outside saying who the house belonged too, but when I got on last night all that was left of it was 2 floating wall sections. It's no big deal I can rebuild but if it was removed for a specific reason I'd like to remedy it so it won't have to be dozed in the future., Also I'm thinking about buying the 15 dollar package to support the servers when I get paid how do I link it to my in game character for unturned?
  2. Your base mostly likely partly despawned. Either by you building it on different days and logged off for 7 therefore the first parts to what was built had despawned, or a group member helped build the base and left your group and decided to not come back.

    If it was staff you would have a sign stating your violations (unless they were severe, such as over over limit in cubic units and storage etc). Also staff destory the whole base.

    As for kits all you need to do is link your steam account to your forums account.
  3. Thx Georgia, I take it bases built of wood don't survive long i built it with Maple and birch but only had a bedroll in it and it was maybe a hair over 24 hours old and all that was left was 2 floating wall sections. My claim flag and sign we're gone also. I'll just find a new place to plop hehe. How do make sure my steam account is connected I think I did it in the forum sign up but I'm not sure...
  4. Just checked your profile, your steam account is linked with your forums account.

    I suggest making a skybase! It takes time but if you go high enough others won’t see it that well from the ground. :)

  5. I play on PvE1 so it doesn't matter to me I just want the established spawn point

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