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Should we keep a Yukon Map?

  1. Yes, but only 1 on PvE.

    25 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but only 2 on PvE.

    8 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but only 1 on PvP.

    10 vote(s)
  4. Yes, but only 2 on PvP.

    4 vote(s)
  5. No, Get rid all of it.

    18 vote(s)
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  1. Yukon Map

    We have been looking at our servers to see what’s the most popular, and what’s the least popular. Unfortunately, the only map that doesn’t seem to do well and that’s the Yukon map. Therefore, will be discontinuing this map on all servers.

    Affected Servers:
    • PvE5
    • PvE6
    • PvP5
    • PvP6

    Russia Map
    Don’t worry! PvE5, PvE6, PvP5 and PvP6 are not going anywhere. With the upcoming release of the new Russia Map. This map will take its place.
  2. We should keep one. PvP6, but i say 6 because that's the one i frequent.
  3. I dont think what someone is online on yukon map anymore.
  4. I'd just say on pve ;/ Just cause I play on them most often.
    It's not too hard to survive on Yukon. I see it getting rid of on PVP because it being hard to survive from players
    and the cold.
  5. Keep 1 pvp and 1 pve, i just started on pvp1
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    Well thats just awful news, my favourite server is the PvE 5 Yukon map, and thats where all my inventory is etc.
    Damn shame.
    If you're gonna keep one, keep PvE 5, there are always people on it, and its quite popular.

    edit* if you do get rid of them all, please let us know when this is going to happen so I may have time to use up all my valuable items before then. Thanks,
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  7. Well, if we were to keep one. Then we would possibly copy the player inventories over.
    5 to 6 OR
    6 to 5

    However, anybody on "5 to 6" with inventory on both servers, they would lose their 6 inventory.
    However, anybody on "6 to 5" with inventory on both servers, they would lose their 5 inventory.

    I don't know yet.

    Well, the map for the Russia seems like it will be released this Friday or so. Pretty soon! o_o
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  8. Well the inventory carrying over is good news :D and so is the Russia map, thats exciting! Thanks for the info!
  9. i think its fine to leave like 2 servers or 1 because some ppl love yukon :) but its all up to votes lol
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    Sad face RIP Minigun and all the Horde Beacon loot along with it. No moar mowing down zombies on JustPlayHere PVE 6. RIP DaYAYGroup Yukon Division. RIP Headquarters RIP Everything. I bet JPH 1 Billion Dollars I mean uh, bits, that PvE 6 will not survive
  11. wait, no choice for changing the 4 PEI maps? i mean, while PEI is indeed very populated, im pretty sure alot of people will go to this new map and abandon their PEI for it anyway. I'm actually expecting it to be full at most times to be honest (cuz everyone wants to be "FIRST!!11!")
  12. I would like to keep PVE5 because I started there and it is a very good server with nice people!
    Also it isn't very laggy and has a steady flow of people playing.

  13. Probably just my opinion but Russia looks like a rather large map, based off the trailer and the fact that russia is just huge to begin with.
    Keep in mind PEI, Yukon, and Washington are all "Medium" size maps and Upturned actually supports two map sizes larger. So with such a large map, the fact that it's new, all those new guns, and so many new vehicles: This map is going to have a lot of players.

    So many players infact, that I think we almost need 2pvp and 2pve servers for it. Scrapping some PEI and Yukon combined (maybe just Yukon at first and once we see the traffic on that, then consider PEI).
  14. keep 1 pve and 1 pvp yukon and scrap some PEI, not having a yukon for a server that hosts unturned is quite sad

    i vote to keep pve5 too btw
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  15. I agree with scrapping a PEI. We don't need 4 of them.
  16. Having 1 PVE and PVP server is fine could prob drop a PEI or 2 in trade for the Russia Map. I don't Frequent a lot on Yukon but when I do it's usually PVE 5 or 6 depends. but yea PVE 5 or 6 least one should be kept :)
  17. The issue isn't removing a map or server. The problem is removing a server that many players possibly play on.

    If it's active, we cannot remove it. However, in any case. There have been some talks about removing all of PvP maps in general since we have an arena for PvP or possibly keep one of each map for PvP.

    Then we can take those resources and spread it across between PvE and possibly a few more Arena servers.

    This isn't set in stone, this is just a pass by talk we have been considering.

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  18. Hi i don't know where to put this comment but i recently purchased an elite kit and now i don't seem to have it in-game. Is there a wait time?
  19. Yeah, 30 seconds. However, you don't sign into Steam. It won't work at all.

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