Considered Map Reset and Shop Update

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Should we reset the map?

  1. No

  2. Yes, every Month

  3. Yes, every 3 Months

  4. Yes, every 6 Months

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  1. No EVERYTHING will reset. inventory, structures, bits, everything.
  2. Do feasts work on PvE servers?
  3. Yes it does
  4. I'm aware of the plugin that does a cleaner and we have considered this as an option. However, we don't know "what's actually being utilized" and if we destroy it maybe considered griefed and we don't want to deal with complaints. Although, We do have an ideal solution in mind you can read below. :)

    If we're going to reset the maps, It's going to consistent with the same time frame as we don't want to be focused on "Oh, It's that time and the following month. It's time for that one." Just easier to be on the same time to reset all the maps.


    Well sounds fine on the forums. However, I'm lazy and I don't want to make Moderators to process paperwork. :p It's easier to write a MySQL Query:

    UPDATE uconomy SET balance = balance + 5000;
    Isn't that easier than paperwork? :)

    I personally don't like resetting maps (specially in Minecraft), however in Unturned seems like we need to, unfortunately.

    It's like 3 Months is "Too Short" and 6 Months is "Too Long" a happy medium would "4 Months"? or another solution read below. :)

    There is a plugin called SafeZone is basically is WorldGuard (Minecraft) for Unturned and we can define certain things. I've requested some features and this could be a solution where we can sell regions to players 10x10 or 20x20 for in-game Bits. Right now, we cannot define owners or addmembers, anyone can still destroy and place blocks and be raided. Although the purpose of this would if someone doesn't buy a region or has a region and hasn't been online for certain amount of days.

    We'll have a demolition party and blow it up with rocket launchers! :)

    Essentially, Removes lags, identifies an owner and prevents resetting the map and 6 months or maybe not at all would be the best solution.

    By the way, this is the proposed solution as an idea I've had. :)

    Only thing will be removed is the map and barricades that stores chests and things.
    Players inventory and the economy (Bits) will not be removed.

    I'd hope so. This thing was stupid to fix! Report bugs! :)

    I'm tired of typing. :p
  5. no
    Some of us play the game just to build a base, and I for one will leave your servers if you proceed with a map reset. My base is the off-shore metal structure north of liberation bridge in pve3. It has taken a lot of time and resources to just to get this far. With all the griefing and repairs the base is well over 50,000 bits. That 5,000 bits is like a slap in the face. Like other players have mention, you can designate certain players to act as cleaners. They can take a screen shot of the propose site for
    destruction, place it online and wait a week for any objections. If any player objects, they could have another week to post a screen shot of any improvements, since griefing can occur in the meantime.
  6. good bye my skybase so much memory and 5K bits as a compensation is good btw cost me 50K bits for my metal sky base so i want my 50K back lol
  7. I found something wrong with the new shop plans.
    Items such as Shades, Flight Jacket, Ushanka or Aviators still have value, even when they aren't in the game anymore, or they are cosmetics. Buying them gives you a null item, not to mention you lose the bits. Will be that fixed?
  8. Oh inventory won't reset? Yay!

    Also, can we have a set date of when the servers actually reset? It's been a week since the consideration and I would like to know exactly when it will be reset, just so I can get started as soon as possible. Thx.

    Also Cory u awesome
  9. If you should activate buyable vehicle like this "/buy" like so the server will be so awesome :)
  10. if the map reset does our BITS gonna affect it or anything? :0
  11. So it looks like every 3 months has won the pole, are when are we actually going to reset the servers?? @Cory
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