Considered Map Reset and Shop Update

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Should we reset the map?

  1. No

  2. Yes, every Month

  3. Yes, every 3 Months

  4. Yes, every 6 Months

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  1. Map Reset
    It’s been brought up to discussion amongst staff that we should consider a map reset and if we were to do so, It would be done across all servers depending on a majority vote and if you have any reservations about this you have to understand why we want to do a map reset.

    There a lot of buildings on the server that have been abandoned from current or former players and we cannot easily verify if they’re currently in use or not and therefore we cannot destroy them.

    These buildings will cause space issues where current and new players cannot build or just simply lag the server.

    If we have reset the map once before without any issues as there was a major bug in Unturned that forced us to. To allow players to better adjust to the new map we have given them 5,000 Bits in order to get started.

    Keep in mind, This will likely happen again and that’s why we have options for you to consider a map reset time frame.

    At the time we considered giving 10,000 Bits, however I thought that was too high and then settled on 5,000 Bits. After we have done and the server was updated, players were buying stuff from the shop to make steps and just wasted their Bits and made me re-think that 5,000 Bits may have just been too high or simply forgot to update the shop.

    In this case, We’ll be updating the shop soon before any decision is made and you can take a look at our shop page here.

    Current Shop:

    Updated Doc:

    Old Site
    It’s also been brought to our attention some players are still using the old website therefore we have remove this page and no longer works.
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    I think every 6 months is the way to go
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    6 months is too long and every month is too short 3 month is good
  4. Possibly designate a cleaner for the little things while using Rocket's wrecking ball for the bigger defunct & abandoned. I am aware that such requires touring the map & a little work to completely erase the remaining random pieces of condemned houses, bridges, towers, barricade enclosures, crate serpents, etc... While in a few instances (discretion permitting) repairs, if abandonment is questionable.
  5. What if you added all the new guns that got added to unturned to the shop so that we could buy them too
  6. I agree
  7. How about instead of giving bits to ALL players we would have to apply for them. This may make it so the economy isn't as inflated to begin with. This is would likely keep the amount of "Random Structures" to a minimum. I will make an application that could be used as a template if this were to be introduced onto the website.
    In Game Name: TheBelovedOfChrist

    About how often do you play on JustPlayHere's PvP and PvE servers?: 3-6 hours per day.

    What are you intending to do with 5,000 bits?: Build a sound base for myself and a friend.

    Do you have any feedback on the situation of having to have map resets?: Yes, if your base looks "Abandoned" or is lacking upkeep it should be eligible to be destroyed. I personally have faith in the staff to pick and choose structures to be removed that are not attended to and seem vacant. Map resets shouldn't be necessary.
    This is just the basics that I personally think should be implemented in an application for the 5,000 bits.

    Best regards,

    TheBelovedOfChrist // Max Gawitt // LuckyCharms
  8. Resetting on a regular basis is a good idea. The PvE server I wander around on is getting way too laggy. No actual PvE anyway so people just blow their way into bases, grab whatever they want, and harass anyone they find inside.

    The resets, like the griefing, don't effect me much. I just like to wander around and clobber zombies. Most of my entertainment comes from watching other people interact with eachother or get ganked by the undead. Although it's kind of hard not to help them out.
  9. The thing is RJ is that your way isn't the only way. Every aspect of the game should be open ie: Building bases. Rather then resetting the map or just letting it go we should find a happy medium for everyone to enjoy. It may take some thinking but I sure the JustPlayHere community can make it happen. Any feed back I assure you will be appreciated. (Anyone's comment will be viewed with an open mind.) :)
  10. I don't know, I will really like it 6 months :p Because it will be the best for everyone and everything, Some people do not like to start over, Starting over every month or 3 can make players not building bases saying that it will be gone and whats the point of building it tho it will be gone anyways , I agree to reset the map now cuz it's been along time, but after that i would appreciate it 6 months.

    Best Regards;
  11. 3 months seems reasonable, 6 months without a reset is too long and in the 5th month we will probably see too many abandoned buildings and plenty of lag. We want our players to enjoy the building aspect in the servers but also have good performance.
  12. I think 3 months sounds good personally. That's 4 resets a year, I wouldn't mind having to rebuild a base 4 times a year if it means all the ruined abandoned buildings and a bit of lag gets removed. I think it'd be refreshing living in a new base every so often to be honest :)
  13. I wasn't saying reset it like crazy. Every 3 or 6 months is good. I just like the idea of having it on a regular basis instead of whenever the servers start going wonky.
  14. Oh ok. Sounds good. Initially it seemed as if you wanted VERY frequent resets.
  15. Just a question, Will money and inventory items reset?

  16. They should? or they will?
  17. *Facepalm*
  18. What we need is a way to identify building owners, make buildings indestructible unless the owner hasn't logged in for a certain period, plenty of griefers willing to wreck stuff, otherwise building anything is pointless. Not even sky high bases are safe anymore.
  19. Finding a plugin for that is near impossible, sky bases are only safe if they are high enough
  20. Yeah, until someone finds it, builds up to it and wrecks it.
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