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  1. (I may not know the reason why but i'll still ask)

    Why not add clothes and beds to the shop? Alicepacks are in it, why not the rest?
    Should it be too "op", ammo and guns are in it.
    Should it be too easy to get ghillie? Make it cost alot.
    Beds? "because you could set home anywhere", why not? The servers are already full of griefers.
    And Cloth...we can buy scrap metal? Both are super important.

    Anyways, like i said i don't know the reason behind why but i wish that at least cloth would be in the shop.

    Thanks! ~Kiyomi
  2. We took the beds out because they were being used to greif and people covered the map with them so we removed them.

    Its not hard to make a bed just simply go to any building in most maps and its there.
  3. True it is easy to make, but its also easy to break.
    How about just cloth? Running around in empty buildings is fun and all, also when your the 4th person to go through you don't get that much clothing or pretty much anything
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