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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CaptainKirk7, Aug 11, 2016.


Should we be able to buy cars?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

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  1. I think you should be able to buy vehicles in the shops. I know Pete has talked about how only 28 vehicles spawn in the map at 1 time but thats the thing, if you are able to buy cars all you would have to do is go kill a whole bunch of zombies and just buy one. This would include rare stuff like apc's, planes, helicopters, etc.

    With the new 5 bits every zombie kill, you could make the vehciles a little overpriced but not really bad. :)
  2. On the servers just a bit ago you could buy makeshifts. PvE8 was tracking 70 destroyed vehicles that never quite despawned and 100 active/garaged vehicles. Add in the storage and you can see why the server crashed. :(
  3. Thats why you wouldnt make them cheap. If I wanted to buy something like a helicopter or plane or apc or something, that would cost a lot. Maybe a few thousand for a helicopter like a skycrane. It's going to be hard to get all that money because the bits changed from 10 bits a kill to 5
  4. We'd have the same issue unless we set the price so high that it would be more viable, for the vast majority of players, to search for the desired vehicle legitimately. Thereby effectively eliminating any purpose of the purchase option.
    Essentially, if we set vehicle price at a level that most people could afford, we'd have the issue Pete described. And if we set it at a price most people can't afford, the introduction of a purchase option would A) not affect enough people to make the change worth implementing and B) even those that could afford the vehicles would most likely prefer to search for the vehicle in-game than spend such a large amount of money on an item so easily lost or destroyed.
  5. What if you only add some vehicles? Like add an atv for 1k or something and then like a apc or helicopter or planes for like 2k up or something. The atv would be easy to get cheap and its a small vehicle that wouldnt waste all your money getting a new one if it was destroyed
  6. Yes, but if we make ATVs buyable for 1k apiece, then everyone would of course buy ATVs. The server wouldn't be able to handle that many vehicles, and it would crash.
    There's a reason only 28 vehicles spawn at a time. :p
  7. They were at 10 a kill back in August/September 2015. In late September 2015 it was changed to 5 bits/kill. Only recently did Cory experiment with a double bits weekend. The system for that is not automated ran a little longer than everyone expected. What you are seeing at 5/kill is the norm. And you're barking up the wrong tree about "getting all that money". I earned mine the hard way.
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