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Discussion in 'Support' started by OfficerKarl, May 27, 2016.

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    So I'm guessing this has to do with the new update, but as of this post the store commands are not being recognized. I can still check my /balance, but I can't /buy, /sell, /car, or any other command I've tested. Assuming this is because of the update, does anyone know how long it will be until this is corrected? And if it's not due to the update, what is the cause?

    *update* Also, I know this might be nitpicking, but the server won't give me my reward for voting. I voted on, went to the game and entered /reward, and then it tells me I haven't voted. If this also has something to do with the update, I get it, but why is it recognizing the command then?
  2. We know and we know. We can't fix issues between Nelson's update and plugins not cooperating with each other. We've filed bug reports and when the plugin developer gets to it we get another update. Sadly the plugin developers don't get advanced notice for changes and are almost always playing catch-up.

    Kits have been offline since the reset. They are being reworked and until they are finalized the /reward just won't work.

    There is no timeline on either of these fixes. Real jobs get in the way sometimes.
  3. Totally understood. Thank you for responding though, the help is greatly appreciated.
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