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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Talos, Jun 27, 2016.

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  1. 1) Please remove the voting messages in the server (PvE3 is where I play) since voting has been non functional for several updates (per Pistol Pete). Please add the items that were in the voting rewards to the feasts as I would love to find some Cargo Pants but apparently the only way to get them is to vote and claim your reward, and that doesn't work anyway.

    2) Stop lying to us; no one is watching. My base was raided five times so far, twice while MrBeats and Goddess_Suzuki (?) whose name isn't even on the Staff list, were both online. Tell players to get a screenshot of any griefing or the staff will not do anything about it, because they wont.

    Thank you for considering.

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  2. Here we go yet again. Rewards are broken. We can't fix it. That's a third-party plugin beyond our control. Already asked and answered.

    Mr_Beats is a friend of staff who sits in his staff-member's friend's channel. Misaki is staff. If you see her in Teamspeak she responds pretty quickly to requests.

    I was on PvE3 for 8 hours on Sunday since you complained about no coverage on PvE3 in another thread. I didn't see you there. I moved to PvE8 and PvE7 when two players contacted me in TeamSpeak. If you logged in after I moved to help them then you would not have seen me.

    We have banned griefers when players submit screenshots of them in action. Unfortunately the latest wave of requests submitted have no screenshots. We count on the players to be our eyes and ears when we're not around.

    We are not paid staff and we are not required to monitor all 24 servers 24x7. We would welcome contributions that would allow for 72 staff members to be paid full-time to give 24-hour coverage to the servers. 24 staff (one per server) x 3 shifts. Of course we would actually need more staff so that we could have two days off per week.
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  3. You get paid? Wow. I admin on another server. Volunteer. No pay. If you pay well I may consider it. :)

    I was working on my farm most of Sunday and did not get online at all until very late. I just now logged back in and my skybase was raided. At least I have no bed to teleport back to. Greifing is out of control on this server. I've heard complaints from RCAwsome, Zalex, King of the Daedra, TheRobloxianMinecartOfficial and several others I see online most of the time I am there.
  4. We don't get paid. Please go troll somewhere else. And please refrain from sending PMs to me repeating everything you say int he forums. I've answered your questiosn as best as I can. I can't give you paid admins and 24x7 protection on 24 different servers.
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