DENIED Ban Appeal: SatanKawaii

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by SatanKawaii, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Ban Appeal: SatanKawaii
    • Username
      • SatanKawaii
    • SteamID64
      • 76561199002731519
    • Banned Location
      • Unturned
    • Banned Date
      • Feb 2, 2020 at 8:00 PM
    • Official Reason
      • just appeared that I was banned from multiplayer
    • Requested Reduction
      • I ask that you please remove my ban

      if i did something to get banned i sincerely apologize, but i'm sure i didn't do anything and my ban was unfair, i always try to help others or just play alone

      [​IMG] I have no evidence because I didn't really do anything

      Additional Information

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  2. Appeal denied.

    Ban expires: 2020-02-05 12:58:33
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