Add berry's to the shop ??

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Grumpy Phelps, Sep 9, 2016.

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  1. Should we add berry's to the shop?
  2. No, you can find them in the wild. They even have berries in Yukon.
  3. Yea I know but in russia there's not a single one.:(
  4. I'd buy em. Kinda miss my Mauve berries for quick fixes.
  5. You could drink glue to get high instead?
  6. I prefer berry's because they last longer:confused:
  7. Don't do drugs kids.
  8. P l a i n v a n i l l a. Try it once.
  9. what's that ?
  10. if your not just a little high all the time its no fun.... d o d r u g s

  11. It's not the "drug like" effects I'm after, those go away with immunity, it's the regenerative abilities I like. The mauve berries in particular restore your green bar.
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