A quick list of suggestions from a longtime Unturned PEI Player.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MrMcShroom, Jul 12, 2015.


Which of these should be implemented?

  1. Add teleportation

  2. Add a '___ killed ___ with his ____' to the scoreboard.

  3. Make a donation command [and broadcast it]

  4. Make it so people can buy RPGs

  5. make it so ladders dont cost 90 bits

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, I'm MrMcShroom, I own a group that has over 15 active members that all play on your rserver regularly. I have some suggestions that I think wouldn't be hard to implement that would GREATLY increase the quality of my server experience. I also am looking for how to donate to increase my salary on the server, which I do not know how.

    Add a "____ killed ____ with his ______" thing to the chat.
    I want to know who the person is I just shot in the head, or the person who shot me in the head.

    Make it easier for me to figure out how to donate.
    I have no clue how to donate, and I am very interested in spending a few bucks on paypal to help you guys out.

    Make some sotrt of systyem for teleporting people in your group, even if it costs a **** ton of bits to do it.
    I, as a owner of a huge group, am constantly getting requests to join. Sadly, my base is in the sky. There is no way up to prevent easy raids, and I'm sure everyone can empathize with that. Also, people in my goup sometimes unclaim their bed in my skybase, and get trapped down below.

    If you could make it so players can pay __ bits (Wouldn't matter to me if it was 1000 bits) to teleport up to me and get into my base.

    Get some staff.

    I have never, in my (probably about 30 hours of gameplay) time on your server ever met anyone who was staff. I have a great time and all, but it would be nice to have some staff to get rid of some of the trolls.

  2. there are only 2 things on that list that should be implemented. Teleportation? that is just asking for greifers and trolls to have a field day. The only way I see teleportation as viable is if its to set points at towns, the home teleport is more then enough. Player able to buy RPG's? Maybe on PvP servers. Because elsewhere that would be the absolute worst idea I can think of, that would be like giving griefers a holiday. Lower the cost of ladders? No. They are easy enough to make, and i consider near every vote on 2 of your options to be people who would want them FOR griefing purposes. I am however completely for the death notifications, and donation notifications.

    The first, fourth, and fifth options should be PvP exclusive if they are implemented. And i suggest the staff keep an eye on anyone who voted for RPGs and cheaper ladders.
  3. In refute to the other guy's post, the PVP 3 server has no staff, thus, no rules are enforced, so it is full of griefing anyways. In case you don't believe me, we've been playing for over a month and have never met ANY staff. I saw a VIP guy one time. Anyways, the teleportation could easily be limited to people only in your group, or make it cost 1000
    Bitd for teleportation, to make it troll free. Also, what's wrong with not wanting to buy duct tape and sticks as opposed to buying a ladder for the same price they would cost?
  4. PvP worlds are meant to have griefers though, because your entire purpose is to kill and mess up other players things. The group teleport would be... well in PvP it could be very unfair for one person to sneak around and have the others teleport to him as an ambush, or have someone teleport out of danger. I just dont see teleportation as viable in any way shape or form. The home teleport is pretty much all that is needed.
  5. In reply, I would like to point out for the third time making teleportation cost a LARGE AMOUNT OF BITS.
    This would prevent the problem you're proposing.
  6. There is a tp system that one players asks another to tp over a command and the other has to type /accept for it to work. Rpgs are good for pvp if you make them costly so everyone doesn't have them. We are just talking about the one pvp server. Ladders are easy to make so why would people spend 90 bits? Can we make them at the highest 40 or so?
    Thank you for reading :)
    ~IGN Killer Of Souls~
  7. Apologies again, but I am completely against a teleportation system large cost or not, when home teleport is all we need. Also, ladders should stay 90 bits. As it discourages griefing on the PvE servers. I see no need for ladders to be made cheaper than 90 bits.
  8. Never said to put it on the pve servers. From what you are saying is that all of your servers use the same files? Because I would agree that rpg's are stupid for a pve server.
  9. I am not sure how changes like that would go. If they could keep them to just PvP I would not bat an eye. But to bring 1, 4, or 5 to PvE is like giving griefers a golden gun.
  10. I didn't know all of your addons went to every server no matter what you try to change on one.
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