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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sammy, Nov 25, 2015.

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    Please just take a moment to read this. by any chance and you should consider it becasue the JPH community would be come soooo popular!
    Could you add coloured Alicepack mods and since you can't craft em just make it the cost like 500+ bits to buy trust me this will work and you 100% should add it!!!!
  2. 500 bits for alice no no no make it 100 :D
  3. no 350 bits is better
  4. we should make a vote on this
  5. I
    no these are coloured alicepacks and thier way cooler and besides a normal alicepack on JPH severs cost 200 bits =/
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  6. I
    I know right
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  7. oh
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  8. thx for the follow sheenlone:D
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  9. i'm waiting for the server to get back up :(
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  10. damn hacker on pvp 7
  11. lol the hacker is trying ti find me but im hiding
  12. his name is CHIRIMOYA FEO i shot him 5 times with a blunt force then i relized that he was hacking so i /home real quick then he found me and i jumped of the building to escape and now im hiding again
  13. i don't think people can hack with vac secure on but idk maybe they can
  14. i wish i could record this
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