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  1. Curated Maps:

    If you're reading this from the in-game menu within a week or two of the update coming out then you can see that Rio is featured above!

    In order to reduce load times and keep the installation size reasonable, curated maps have typically been transitioned to the workshop after several months. This was problematic for a variety of reasons however, such as suddenly having to subscribe to the map in order to keep its assets, or for hosts needing to switch the server to the workshop version.

    With the recent improvements to the game's workshop integration (e.g. auto-detecting workshop dependencies, installing while in-game), my hope is that taking this featured article approach will improve all aspects of the curated maps system:
    • Creators have full control over their article and can patch / update the map without waiting for me to release a main game update. This was one of the reasons for adding per-map version numbers.
    • Maps will not get moved to the workshop after an arbitrary period.
    • If you're not interested in the map you can click the "Dismiss" button in the top-right to hide it and return to the trending workshop items. Note that the curated articles are shown for a specific number of days before going back to the default.
    If you have any feedback on these changes please share!

    Update Notes:
    • Added onEnterVehicleRequested, onExitVehicleRequested and onSwapSeatRequested events.
    • Added gun attachment change request events.
    • Added onConsumeRequested and onConsumePerformed events.
    • NPC Event reward delegate passes instigating player.
    • Fixed id/name upgrade log spam related to devkit objects.
    • Fixed landscape tile basemap distance during satellite capture.
    • Included All_Tool_Items unity package in examples.
    • Misc improvements to -ThreadedConsole mode.

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