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  1. Greece Update 3 of 3:


    Spyjack, well known for his incredible use of NPC features in his "Tales of Terror" mod, has been hard at work since the initial launch of Greece on this huge NPC update!

    Now available in-game these are some of the highest quality quests yet - from critical thinking puzzles (that still challenge him from time to time), to multi-stage construction, to some questlines with many alternative endings.




    You can now make use of the rally racing tracks across Greece! Two Rally Car vehicle skins are now up on the Stockpile for purchase, the sales of which support the creators of Greece. The Greece Mystery Box has also been updated with a few new items.

    View Rally Car Skins



    By popular request Ireland has been extended to June 15th!

    The Ireland team has been hard at work these past few weeks improving the map through smaller patches. For further details view the Ireland specific patch notes on the steam discussions:

    View Previous Ireland Patch Notes

    Ireland changes in the update:

    • Tweaked Dagger rarity to Epic from Rare.
    • Tweaked Dagger head shot multiplier to 1 from 1.2
    • Fixed naming issue with Ireland House #6 which caused it to be non existent for Linux users.
    • Fixed issue with trees looking quite broken for Mac and Linux users.
    • Fixed incorrect Nav data for several quests causing them to be impossible to complete.
    • Fixed bug causing underwater sounds to not play.
    • Fixed texture stretching and smoothing on many boulders.
    Main Update Notes:

    • Added tons of new content and features to Greece.
    • Added Rod of Asclepius, Warhammer and Corinthian Helmet to the Greece Mystery Box.
    • Added NRG and vT0 Rally Car skins to the Stockpile.
    • Added button to remove servers while on the favorites list screen.
    • Added thumbnail and server list description options in server config.
    • Added Gun_Damage_Multiplier and Melee_Damage_Multiplier options for vehicles and buildables.
    • Added Stun_Zombie_Always and Stun_Zombie_Never options for melee weapons.
    • Added ability for plugins to use 32x32 .png for chat message icons.
    • Added buildable damaged events for plugins to modify damage and whether it's allowed.
    • Added Bundle_Override_Path option for identical assets to share files.
    • Improved chat message display and added options for chat to Preferences.json.
    • Improved pause menu to open when alt-tabbing while in-game.
    • Improved performance of several post process effects.
    • Improved item despawn/respawn responsiveness. [May still need some tuning!]
    • Improved reliability of server favoriting features.
    • Tweaked death music to only play in singleplayer.
    • Fixed pitch of certain sounds interfering with each other.
    • Fixed item context menu to respect UI scale setting.
    • Fixed item drag visual to respect UI scale setting.
    • Fixed attachments to respect UI scale setting.
    Behind-The-Scenes Changes:

    In response to requests to improve the stability of updates, and in part to learn more Continuous Integration (CI) best practices for Unturned II this is the first update to use a new build process using CI: my laptop is now set up to download changes as I make them and check the changes for issues, for example whether the game is still able to load all of the maps, or if any asset errors are reported, or if some files are missing. If any of these steps fail the update can't be released, and I'll get an email notification that something is amiss. I've also improved the update release process to be more automatic and less error-prone.

    With the addition of server thumbnails and short rich text descriptions I've decided to hide the icons that used to clutter up the server browser, instead allowing hosts to specify what they consider important information. The thumbnail should be a 32x32 .png and makes network affiliation recognition quicker. You can also use rich text formatting e.g. <b>, <i>, <color> in the short description underneath the server name. The in-game chat now supports plugins using 32x32 .png icons as well.

    Several post process effects, specifically those for sun shafts and hallucinations dated back to Unity 3 and were written in JavaScript. These have been ported to C#, and the hallucination effects have been revamped to look more appealing.

    Up Next:

    This update has been a long time in the making! It's been a while since I've worked on 4.0 now, so I'll probably be putting some more focus back into that - especially to get the roadmap up soon. I've still got some important planned updates for that I'll be prioritizing as well, such as re-investigating upgrading to a newer version of Unity.

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