Items can be bought and sold.
Items cannot be bought. You can sell.
Items cannot be bought or sold.
Item ID Item Name Cost Sell Buy Command (Default: 1)
0$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 0 [quantity]
1Shades$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1 [quantity]
2Work Jeans$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 2 [quantity]
3Orange Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 3 [quantity]
4Eaglefire$275.00 Bits$68.75 Bits/buy 4 [quantity]
5Eaglefire Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 5 [quantity]
6Military Magazine$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 6 [quantity]
7Military Suppressor$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 7 [quantity]
8Vertical Grip$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 8 [quantity]
9Red Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 9 [quantity]
10Police Vest$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 10 [quantity]
11Red Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 11 [quantity]
12Ushanka$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 12 [quantity]
13Canned Beans$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 13 [quantity]
14Bottled Water$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 14 [quantity]
15MedKit$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 15 [quantity]
16Camp Axe$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 16 [quantity]
17Military Drum$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 17 [quantity]
18Timberwolf$0.00 Bits$162.00 Bits/buy 18 [quantity]
19Timberwolf iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 19 [quantity]
20Timberwolf Magazine$0.00 Bits$12.00 Bits/buy 20 [quantity]
218x scope$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 21 [quantity]
22Red Dot Scope$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 22 [quantity]
23Tuxedo Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 23 [quantity]
24Tuxedo Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 24 [quantity]
25Gold Bowtie$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 25 [quantity]
26Monocle$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 26 [quantity]
27Top Hat$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 27 [quantity]
28Portable Gas Can$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 28 [quantity]
29Maple Fortification$0.00 Bits$7.00 Bits/buy 29 [quantity]
30Maple Barricade$0.00 Bits$4.50 Bits/buy 30 [quantity]
31Maple Floor$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 31 [quantity]
32Maple Doorway$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 32 [quantity]
33Maple Wall$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 33 [quantity]
34Maple Window$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 34 [quantity]
35Maple Roof$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 35 [quantity]
36Maple Pillar$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 36 [quantity]
37Birch Log$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 37 [quantity]
38Birch Stick$0.00 Bits$0.25 Bits/buy 38 [quantity]
39Maple Log$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 39 [quantity]
40Maple Stick$0.00 Bits$0.25 Bits/buy 40 [quantity]
41Pine Log$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 41 [quantity]
42Pine Stick$0.00 Bits$0.25 Bits/buy 42 [quantity]
43Military Ammunition Crate$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 43 [quantity]
44Civilian Ammunition Box$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 44 [quantity]
45Birch Barricade$0.00 Bits$4.50 Bits/buy 45 [quantity]
46Pine Barricade$0.00 Bits$4.50 Bits/buy 46 [quantity]
47Birch Fortification$0.00 Bits$7.00 Bits/buy 47 [quantity]
48Pine Fortification$0.00 Bits$7.00 Bits/buy 48 [quantity]
49Birch Doorway$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 49 [quantity]
50Pine Doorway$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 50 [quantity]
51Birch Floor$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 51 [quantity]
52Pine Floor$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 52 [quantity]
53Birch Pillar$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 53 [quantity]
54Pine PIllar$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 54 [quantity]
55Birch Roof$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 55 [quantity]
56Pine Roof$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 56 [quantity]
57Birch Wall$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 57 [quantity]
58Pine Wall$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 58 [quantity]
59Birch Window$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 59 [quantity]
60Pine Window$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 60 [quantity]
61Maple Plank$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 61 [quantity]
62Birch Plank$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 62 [quantity]
63Pine Plank$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 63 [quantity]
64Rope$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 64 [quantity]
65Wire$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 65 [quantity]
66Cloth$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 66 [quantity]
67Metal Scrap$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 67 [quantity]
68Metal Sheet$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 68 [quantity]
69Tape$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 69 [quantity]
70Glue$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 70 [quantity]
71Nails$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 71 [quantity]
72Can$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 72 [quantity]
73Raw Explosives$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 73 [quantity]
74Bricks$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 74 [quantity]
75Chemicals$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 75 [quantity]
76BlowTorch$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 76 [quantity]
77Canned Tomato Soup$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 77 [quantity]
78Canned Chicken Soup$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 78 [quantity]
79Canned Tuna$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 79 [quantity]
80Canned Cola$3.00 Bits$0.75 Bits/buy 80 [quantity]
81MRE$75.00 Bits$18.75 Bits/buy 81 [quantity]
82Chips$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 82 [quantity]
83Chocolate Bar$3.00 Bits$0.75 Bits/buy 83 [quantity]
84Candy Bar$3.00 Bits$0.75 Bits/buy 84 [quantity]
85Granola Bar$3.00 Bits$0.75 Bits/buy 85 [quantity]
86Energy Bar$3.00 Bits$0.75 Bits/buy 86 [quantity]
87Canned Pasta$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 87 [quantity]
88Canned Bacon$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 88 [quantity]
89Canned Beef$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 89 [quantity]
90Canned Sardines$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 90 [quantity]
91Apple Juice$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 91 [quantity]
92Grape Juice$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 92 [quantity]
93Bottled Energy$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 93 [quantity]
94Bottled Coconut$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 94 [quantity]
95Bandage$25.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 95 [quantity]
96Splint$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 96 [quantity]
97Colt$85.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 97 [quantity]
98Colt Magazine$7.00 Bits$1.75 Bits/buy 98 [quantity]
99Cobra$190.00 Bits$47.50 Bits/buy 99 [quantity]
100Cobra Magazine$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 100 [quantity]
101Schofield$125.00 Bits$31.25 Bits/buy 101 [quantity]
102Schofield Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 102 [quantity]
103Schofield Clip$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 103 [quantity]
104Fire Axe$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 104 [quantity]
105Baseball Bat$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 105 [quantity]
106Hockey Stick$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 106 [quantity]
107Ace$125.00 Bits$31.25 Bits/buy 107 [quantity]
108Ace Clip$6.00 Bits$1.50 Bits/buy 108 [quantity]
109Hawkhound$130.00 Bits$32.50 Bits/buy 109 [quantity]
110Hawkhound Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 110 [quantity]
111HawkHound Magazine$8.00 Bits$2.00 Bits/buy 111 [quantity]
112Bluntforce$250.00 Bits$62.50 Bits/buy 112 [quantity]
11312 Guage Shells$8.00 Bits$2.00 Bits/buy 113 [quantity]
114Bluntforce Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 114 [quantity]
115Pink Berry$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 115 [quantity]
116Honeybadger$750.00 Bits$187.50 Bits/buy 116 [quantity]
117Honeybadger Barrel$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 117 [quantity]
118Honeybadger Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 118 [quantity]
119Ranger Ammunition Box$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 119 [quantity]
120Kitchen Knife$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 120 [quantity]
121Military Knife$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 121 [quantity]
122Zubeknakov$275.00 Bits$68.75 Bits/buy 122 [quantity]
123Ranger Magazine$35.00 Bits$8.75 Bits/buy 123 [quantity]
124Zubeknakov Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 124 [quantity]
125Ranger Drum$75.00 Bits$18.75 Bits/buy 125 [quantity]
126Nykorev$0.00 Bits$162.50 Bits/buy 126 [quantity]
127Nykorev Box$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 127 [quantity]
128Nykorev Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 128 [quantity]
129Snayperskya$400.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 129 [quantity]
130Snayperskya Magazine$0.00 Bits$1.75 Bits/buy 130 [quantity]
131Snayperskya Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 131 [quantity]
132Dragonfang$0.00 Bits$1,000.00 Bits/buy 132 [quantity]
133Dragonfang Box$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 133 [quantity]
134Drongonfang Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 134 [quantity]
135Golf Club$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 135 [quantity]
136Sledgehammer$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 136 [quantity]
137Butcher Knife$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 137 [quantity]
138Hammer$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 138 [quantity]
139Swiss Knife$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 139 [quantity]
140Butterfly Knife$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 140 [quantity]
141Saw$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 141 [quantity]
142Rake$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 142 [quantity]
143Bipod$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 143 [quantity]
144Ranger Suppressor$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 144 [quantity]
145Horizontal Grip$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 145 [quantity]
146Red Dot Sight$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 146 [quantity]
147Red Halo Sight$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 147 [quantity]
148Red Chevron Scope$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 148 [quantity]
149Military Barrel$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 149 [quantity]
150Military Muzzle$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 150 [quantity]
151Tactical Laser$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 151 [quantity]
152Tactical Light$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 152 [quantity]
1537x Scope$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 153 [quantity]
154Orange Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 154 [quantity]
155Orange Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 155 [quantity]
156Orange Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 156 [quantity]
157Purple Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 157 [quantity]
158Purple Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 158 [quantity]
159Purple Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 159 [quantity]
160Purple Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 160 [quantity]
161Green Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 161 [quantity]
162Green Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 162 [quantity]
163Green Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 163 [quantity]
164Green Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 164 [quantity]
165Red Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 165 [quantity]
166Red Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 166 [quantity]
167Red Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 167 [quantity]
168Red Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 168 [quantity]
169Yellow Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 169 [quantity]
170Yellow Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 170 [quantity]
171Yellow Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 171 [quantity]
172Yellow Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 172 [quantity]
173Blue Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 173 [quantity]
174Blue Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 174 [quantity]
175Blue Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 175 [quantity]
176Blue Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 176 [quantity]
177White Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 177 [quantity]
178White Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 178 [quantity]
179White Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 179 [quantity]
180White Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 180 [quantity]
181Black Hoodie$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 181 [quantity]
182Black Parka$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 182 [quantity]
183Black Shirt$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 183 [quantity]
184Black Tee$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 184 [quantity]
185Black Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 185 [quantity]
186Blue Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 186 [quantity]
187Green Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 187 [quantity]
188Orange Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 188 [quantity]
189Purple Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 189 [quantity]
190White Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 190 [quantity]
191Yellow Bandana$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 191 [quantity]
192Black Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 192 [quantity]
193Blue Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 193 [quantity]
194Green Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 194 [quantity]
195Orange Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 195 [quantity]
196Purple Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 196 [quantity]
197Red Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 197 [quantity]
198White Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 198 [quantity]
199Yellow Toque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 199 [quantity]
200Black Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 200 [quantity]
201Blue Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 201 [quantity]
202Green Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 202 [quantity]
203Orange Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 203 [quantity]
204Purple Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 204 [quantity]
205White Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 205 [quantity]
206Yellow Daypack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 206 [quantity]
207Designer Jeans$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 207 [quantity]
208Cowboy Jeans$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 208 [quantity]
209Cargo Pants$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 209 [quantity]
210Buds$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 210 [quantity]
211Plaid Shirt$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 211 [quantity]
212Khaki Pants$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 212 [quantity]
213Corduroy Pants$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 213 [quantity]
214Trouser Pants$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 214 [quantity]
215Black Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 215 [quantity]
216Blue Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 216 [quantity]
217Green Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 217 [quantity]
218Orange Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 218 [quantity]
219Purple Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 219 [quantity]
220Red Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 220 [quantity]
221White Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 221 [quantity]
222Yellow Sweatervest$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 222 [quantity]
223Police Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 223 [quantity]
224Police Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 224 [quantity]
225Police Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 225 [quantity]
226Khaki Shorts$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 226 [quantity]
227Cargo Shorts$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 227 [quantity]
228Corduroy Shorts$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 228 [quantity]
229Trouser Shorts$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 229 [quantity]
230Chef Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 230 [quantity]
231Chef Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 231 [quantity]
232Construction Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 232 [quantity]
233Firefighter Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 233 [quantity]
234Firefighter Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 234 [quantity]
235Ghillie Top$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 235 [quantity]
236Ghillie Bottom$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 236 [quantity]
237Ghillie Hood$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 237 [quantity]
238Ghillie Vest$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 238 [quantity]
239Chef Hat$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 239 [quantity]
240Construction Helmet$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 240 [quantity]
241Firefighter Helmet$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 241 [quantity]
242Farmer Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 242 [quantity]
243Farmer Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 243 [quantity]
244Farmer Hat$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 244 [quantity]
245Black Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 245 [quantity]
246Blue Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 246 [quantity]
247Green Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 247 [quantity]
248Orange Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 248 [quantity]
249Purple Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 249 [quantity]
250Red Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 250 [quantity]
251White Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 251 [quantity]
252Yellow Travelpack$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 252 [quantity]
253Alicepack$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 253 [quantity]
254Fragmentation Grenade$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 254 [quantity]
255Blue Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 255 [quantity]
256Green Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 256 [quantity]
257Orange Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 257 [quantity]
258Purple Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 258 [quantity]
259Red Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 259 [quantity]
260Yellow Flare$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 260 [quantity]
261Black Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 261 [quantity]
262Blue Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 262 [quantity]
263Green Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 263 [quantity]
264Orange Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 264 [quantity]
265Purple Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 265 [quantity]
266Red Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 266 [quantity]
267White Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 267 [quantity]
268Yellow Smoke$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 268 [quantity]
269Vaccine$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 269 [quantity]
270Amber Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 270 [quantity]
271Indigo Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 271 [quantity]
272Jade Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 272 [quantity]
273Russet Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 273 [quantity]
274Teal Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 274 [quantity]
275Vermillion Berry$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 275 [quantity]
276Flashlight$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 276 [quantity]
277Carjack$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 277 [quantity]
278Santa hat$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 278 [quantity]
279Santa top$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 279 [quantity]
280Santa bottom$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 280 [quantity]
281Maple Door$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 281 [quantity]
282Birch Door$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 282 [quantity]
283Pine Door$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 283 [quantity]
284Jail Door$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 284 [quantity]
285Metal Bar$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 285 [quantity]
286Vault Door$225.00 Bits$56.25 Bits/buy 286 [quantity]
287Bars Fortification$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 287 [quantity]
288Black bedroll$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 288 [quantity]
289Blue bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 289 [quantity]
290Green bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 290 [quantity]
291Orange bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 291 [quantity]
292Purple bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 292 [quantity]
293Red bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 293 [quantity]
294White bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 294 [quantity]
295Yellow bedroll$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 295 [quantity]
29616x Scope$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 296 [quantity]
297Grizzly$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 297 [quantity]
298Grizzly Magazine$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 298 [quantity]
299Grizzly Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 299 [quantity]
300Shadowstalker$0.00 Bits$300.00 Bits/buy 300 [quantity]
301Rail$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 301 [quantity]
302Shadowstalker Scope$0.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 302 [quantity]
303Prisoner Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 303 [quantity]
304Prisoner Bottom$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 304 [quantity]
305RCMP Bottom$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 305 [quantity]
306RCMP Top$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 306 [quantity]
307Military Top$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 307 [quantity]
308Military Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 308 [quantity]
309Military Helmet$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 309 [quantity]
310Military Vest$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 310 [quantity]
311Medic Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 311 [quantity]
312Medic Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 312 [quantity]
313RCMP Hat$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 313 [quantity]
314Grocer Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 314 [quantity]
315Grocer Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 315 [quantity]
316Maple Stairs$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 316 [quantity]
317Pine Stairs$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 317 [quantity]
318Birch Stairs$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 318 [quantity]
319Maple Hole$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 319 [quantity]
320Pine Hole$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 320 [quantity]
321Birch Hole$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 321 [quantity]
322Maple Ramp$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 322 [quantity]
323Birch Ramp$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 323 [quantity]
324Pine Ramp$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 324 [quantity]
325Maple Ladder$0.00 Bits$16.50 Bits/buy 325 [quantity]
326Birch Ladder$0.00 Bits$16.50 Bits/buy 326 [quantity]
327Pine Ladder$0.00 Bits$16.50 Bits/buy 327 [quantity]
328Locker$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 328 [quantity]
329Carrot$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 329 [quantity]
330Carrot Seed$4.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 330 [quantity]
331Planter$103.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 331 [quantity]
332Fertilizer$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 332 [quantity]
333Binoculars$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 333 [quantity]
334Nightvision$500.00 Bits$125.00 Bits/buy 334 [quantity]
335Corn$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 335 [quantity]
336Corn Seed$4.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 336 [quantity]
337Canteen$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 337 [quantity]
338Lettuce$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 338 [quantity]
339Lettuce seed$4.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 339 [quantity]
340Tomato$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 340 [quantity]
341Tomato seed$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 341 [quantity]
342Potato$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 342 [quantity]
343Potato seed$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 343 [quantity]
344Wheat$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 344 [quantity]
345Wheat seed$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 345 [quantity]
346Crossbow$250.00 Bits$62.50 Bits/buy 346 [quantity]
347Arrow$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 347 [quantity]
348Maple arrow$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 348 [quantity]
349Crossbow Sight$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 349 [quantity]
351Birch arrow$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 351 [quantity]
352Pine arrow$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 352 [quantity]
353Maple bow$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 353 [quantity]
355Birch bow$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 355 [quantity]
356Pine bow$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 356 [quantity]
357Compound bow$150.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 357 [quantity]
359Maple torch$0.00 Bits$11.00 Bits/buy 359 [quantity]
360Birch torch$0.00 Bits$11.00 Bits/buy 360 [quantity]
361Pine torch$0.00 Bits$11.00 Bits/buy 361 [quantity]
362Campfire$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 362 [quantity]
363Maplestrike$350.00 Bits$87.50 Bits/buy 363 [quantity]
364Maplestrike Sight$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 364 [quantity]
365Sandbag$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 365 [quantity]
366Maple Crate$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 366 [quantity]
367Birch Crate$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 367 [quantity]
368Pine Crate$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 368 [quantity]
369Metal Floor$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 369 [quantity]
370Metal Doorway$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 370 [quantity]
371Metal Wall$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 371 [quantity]
372Metal Window$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 372 [quantity]
373Metal Roof$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 373 [quantity]
374Metal Pillar$120.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 374 [quantity]
375Metal Stairs$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 375 [quantity]
376Metal Hole$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 376 [quantity]
377Metal Ramp$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 377 [quantity]
378Metal Door$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 378 [quantity]
379Metal Ladder$0.00 Bits$30.00 Bits/buy 379 [quantity]
380Masterkey$125.00 Bits$31.25 Bits/buy 380 [quantity]
38120 Gauge Shells$2.00 Bits$0.50 Bits/buy 381 [quantity]
382Caltrop$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 382 [quantity]
383Maple Spikes$0.00 Bits$1.50 Bits/buy 383 [quantity]
384Birch Spikes$0.00 Bits$1.50 Bits/buy 384 [quantity]
385Pine Spikes$0.00 Bits$1.50 Bits/buy 385 [quantity]
386Barbed Wire$0.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 386 [quantity]
387Adrenaline$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 387 [quantity]
388Morphine$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 388 [quantity]
389Antibiotics$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 389 [quantity]
390Painkillers$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 390 [quantity]
391Vitamins$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 391 [quantity]
392Tablets$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 392 [quantity]
393Rag$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 393 [quantity]
394Dressing$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 394 [quantity]
395Bloodbag$35.00 Bits$8.75 Bits/buy 395 [quantity]
396Mauve Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 396 [quantity]
397Amber Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 397 [quantity]
398Indigo Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 398 [quantity]
399Jade Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 399 [quantity]
400Russet Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 400 [quantity]
401Teal Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 401 [quantity]
402Vermillion Crushed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 402 [quantity]
403Suturekit$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 403 [quantity]
404Cough Syrup$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 404 [quantity]
405Mechanic Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 405 [quantity]
406Mechanic Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 406 [quantity]
407Engineer Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 407 [quantity]
408Engineer Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 408 [quantity]
409Aviators$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 409 [quantity]
410Black Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 410 [quantity]
411Blue Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 411 [quantity]
412Green Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 412 [quantity]
413Orange Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 413 [quantity]
414Purple Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 414 [quantity]
415Red Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 415 [quantity]
416White Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 416 [quantity]
417Yellow Poncho$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 417 [quantity]
418Headphones$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 418 [quantity]
419Flight Jacket$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 419 [quantity]
420Biker Jacket$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 420 [quantity]
421Suit Top$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 421 [quantity]
422Suit Bottom$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 422 [quantity]
423Engineer Hat$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 423 [quantity]
424Fedora$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 424 [quantity]
425Black Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 425 [quantity]
426Blue Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 426 [quantity]
427Green Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 427 [quantity]
428Orange Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 428 [quantity]
429Purple Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 429 [quantity]
430Red Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 430 [quantity]
431White Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 431 [quantity]
432Yellow Cap$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 432 [quantity]
433Beret$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 433 [quantity]
434Black Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 434 [quantity]
435Blue Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 435 [quantity]
436Green Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 436 [quantity]
437Orange Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 437 [quantity]
438Purple Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 438 [quantity]
439Red Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 439 [quantity]
440White Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 440 [quantity]
441Yellow Balaclava$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 441 [quantity]
442Maple Rampart$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 442 [quantity]
443Maple Post$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 443 [quantity]
444Birch Rampart$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 444 [quantity]
445Pine rampart$0.00 Bits$9.00 Bits/buy 445 [quantity]
446Metal rampart$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 446 [quantity]
447Birch post$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 447 [quantity]
448Pine post$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 448 [quantity]
449Metal post$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 449 [quantity]
450Maple garage$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 450 [quantity]
451Maple gate$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 451 [quantity]
452Birch garage$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 452 [quantity]
453Pine garage$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 453 [quantity]
454Metal garage$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 454 [quantity]
455Birch gate$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 455 [quantity]
456Pine gate$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 456 [quantity]
457Metal Gate$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 457 [quantity]
458Portable Generator$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 458 [quantity]
459Spotlight$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 459 [quantity]
460Bread$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 460 [quantity]
461Tuna Sandwich$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 461 [quantity]
462Milk Box$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 462 [quantity]
463Orange Juice$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 463 [quantity]
464Cheese$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 464 [quantity]
465Soda$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 465 [quantity]
466Grilled Cheese Sandwich$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 466 [quantity]
467BLT Sandwich$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 467 [quantity]
468Ham Sandwich$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 468 [quantity]
469Canned Ham$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 469 [quantity]
470Eggs$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 470 [quantity]
471Cake$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 471 [quantity]
472Bottled Cola$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 472 [quantity]
473Bottled Soda$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 473 [quantity]
474Maple Rifle$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 474 [quantity]
475Rifle Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 475 [quantity]
476Makeshift Scope$0.00 Bits$18.75 Bits/buy 476 [quantity]
477Makeshift Muffler$220.00 Bits$55.00 Bits/buy 477 [quantity]
478Rifle Clip$0.00 Bits$30.00 Bits/buy 478 [quantity]
479Birch Rifle$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 479 [quantity]
480Pine Rifle$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 480 [quantity]
481Maple Bottle$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 481 [quantity]
482Birch Bottle$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 482 [quantity]
483Pine Bottle$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 483 [quantity]
484Sportshot$170.00 Bits$42.50 Bits/buy 484 [quantity]
485Sportshot Magazine$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 485 [quantity]
486Sportshot Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 486 [quantity]
487Makeshift Bat$0.00 Bits$45.00 Bits/buy 487 [quantity]
488Desert Falcon$400.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 488 [quantity]
489Desert Falcon Magazine$7.00 Bits$1.75 Bits/buy 489 [quantity]
490Chainsaw$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 490 [quantity]
491Gold Aviators$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 491 [quantity]
4923D Glasses$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 492 [quantity]
493Key$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 493 [quantity]
494Mystery Box$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 494 [quantity]
495Fez$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 495 [quantity]
496Crown$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 496 [quantity]
497Obi$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 497 [quantity]
498Antlers$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 498 [quantity]
499Paper Hat$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 499 [quantity]
500Headress$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 500 [quantity]
501Viking Helmet$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 501 [quantity]
502Eyepatch$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 502 [quantity]
503Fishing Rod$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 503 [quantity]
504Raw Trout$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 504 [quantity]
505Raw Salmon$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 505 [quantity]
506Birch Rod$0.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 506 [quantity]
507Maple Rod$0.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 507 [quantity]
508Pine Rod$0.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 508 [quantity]
509Fishing Hat$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 509 [quantity]
510Fishing Top$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 510 [quantity]
511Fishing Bottom$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 511 [quantity]
512Cooked Trout$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 512 [quantity]
513Cooked Salmon$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 513 [quantity]
514Raw Venison$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 514 [quantity]
515Cooked Venison$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 515 [quantity]
516Leather$0.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 516 [quantity]
517Leather Top$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 517 [quantity]
518Leather Bottom$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 518 [quantity]
519Rocket Launcher$0.00 Bits$405.00 Bits/buy 519 [quantity]
520Rocket$0.00 Bits$205.00 Bits/buy 520 [quantity]
521Rocket Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 521 [quantity]
1000Matamorez$0.00 Bits$195.00 Bits/buy 1000 [quantity]
1001Matamorez Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1001 [quantity]
1002Matamorez Barrel$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1002 [quantity]
1003Matamorez Magazine$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1003 [quantity]
1004Red Kobra Sight$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1004 [quantity]
1005Matamorez Box$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1005 [quantity]
1006Extended Cobra Magazine$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1006 [quantity]
1007Adaptive Chambering$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1007 [quantity]
1008Rangefinder$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1008 [quantity]
1009Desert Beret$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1009 [quantity]
1010Desert Military Helmet$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1010 [quantity]
1011Desert Military Top$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1011 [quantity]
1012Desert Military Bottoms$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1012 [quantity]
1013Desert Military Vest$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1013 [quantity]
1016Biohazard Bottom$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1016 [quantity]
1018Sabertooth$300.00 Bits$75.00 Bits/buy 1018 [quantity]
1020Sabertooth Magazine$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1020 [quantity]
1021Avenger$185.00 Bits$46.25 Bits/buy 1021 [quantity]
1022Avenger Magazine$13.00 Bits$3.25 Bits/buy 1022 [quantity]
1023Police Baton$25.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1023 [quantity]
1024Peacemaker$350.00 Bits$87.50 Bits/buy 1024 [quantity]
1026Peacemaker Magazine$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1026 [quantity]
1027Viper$265.00 Bits$66.25 Bits/buy 1027 [quantity]
1029Viper Magazine$25.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1029 [quantity]
1030Frying Pan$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1030 [quantity]
1031Shovel$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1031 [quantity]
1032Crowbar$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1032 [quantity]
1033Paddle$2.00 Bits$0.50 Bits/buy 1033 [quantity]
1034Pitchfork$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1034 [quantity]
1035Machete$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1035 [quantity]
1036Katana$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1036 [quantity]
1037Heartbreaker$350.00 Bits$87.50 Bits/buy 1037 [quantity]
1038Heartbreaker Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1038 [quantity]
1039Kryzkarek$90.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 1039 [quantity]
1040Kryzkarek Magazine$12.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1040 [quantity]
1041Yuri$300.00 Bits$75.00 Bits/buy 1041 [quantity]
1042Yuri Magazine$64.00 Bits$16.00 Bits/buy 1042 [quantity]
1043Yuri Iron Sights$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1043 [quantity]
1044Civilian Nightvision$400.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 1044 [quantity]
1045Pumpkin Seed$1.00 Bits$0.25 Bits/buy 1045 [quantity]
1046Pumpkin$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1046 [quantity]
1047Pumpkin Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1047 [quantity]
1048Hockey Mask$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1048 [quantity]
1049Jack O Lantern$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1049 [quantity]
1050Safe Zone Radiator$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1050 [quantity]
1051$5 Note$3.33 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1051 [quantity]
1052$10 Note$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1052 [quantity]
1053$20 Note$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1053 [quantity]
1054$50 Note$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1054 [quantity]
1055$100 Note$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1055 [quantity]
1056Loonie$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1056 [quantity]
1057Toonie$3.34 Bits$0.83 Bits/buy 1057 [quantity]
1058Large Maple Plate$0.00 Bits$12.00 Bits/buy 1058 [quantity]
1059Small Maple Plate$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1059 [quantity]
1060Large Maple Frame$0.00 Bits$24.00 Bits/buy 1060 [quantity]
1061Small Maple Frame$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1061 [quantity]
1062Maple Siding$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1062 [quantity]
1063Maple Pipe$0.00 Bits$4.00 Bits/buy 1063 [quantity]
1064Large Birch Plate$0.00 Bits$12.00 Bits/buy 1064 [quantity]
1065Small Birch Plate$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1065 [quantity]
1066Large Birch Frame$0.00 Bits$24.00 Bits/buy 1066 [quantity]
1067Small Birch Frame$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1067 [quantity]
1068Birch Siding$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1068 [quantity]
1069Birch Pipe$0.00 Bits$4.00 Bits/buy 1069 [quantity]
1070Large Pine Plate$0.00 Bits$12.00 Bits/buy 1070 [quantity]
1071Small Pine Plate$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1071 [quantity]
1072Large Pine Frame$0.00 Bits$24.00 Bits/buy 1072 [quantity]
1073Small Pine Frame$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1073 [quantity]
1074Pine Siding$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1074 [quantity]
1075Pine Pipe$0.00 Bits$4.00 Bits/buy 1075 [quantity]
1076Amber Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1076 [quantity]
1077Indigo Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1077 [quantity]
1078Jade Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1078 [quantity]
1079Mauve Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1079 [quantity]
1080Russet Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1080 [quantity]
1081Teal Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1081 [quantity]
1082Vermillion Pie$0.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1082 [quantity]
1083Maple Doorframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1083 [quantity]
1084Maple Garageframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1084 [quantity]
1085Birch Doorframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1085 [quantity]
1086Birch Garageframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1086 [quantity]
1087Pine Doorframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1087 [quantity]
1088Pine Garageframe$0.00 Bits$6.00 Bits/buy 1088 [quantity]
1089Metal Doorframe$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1089 [quantity]
1090Metal Garageframe$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1090 [quantity]
1091Large Metal Plate$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 1091 [quantity]
1092Small Metal Plate$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1092 [quantity]
1093Metal Siding$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1093 [quantity]
1094Metal Pipe$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1094 [quantity]
1095Maple Sign$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1095 [quantity]
1096Birch Sign$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1096 [quantity]
1097Pine Sign$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1097 [quantity]
1098Metal Sign$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1098 [quantity]
10994 Seater Makeshift Vehicle$0.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1099 [quantity]
1100Sticky Grenade$0.00 Bits$120.00 Bits/buy 1100 [quantity]
1101Landmine$0.00 Bits$172.50 Bits/buy 1101 [quantity]
1102Claymore$0.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1102 [quantity]
1103Black Umbrella$80.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1103 [quantity]
1104Amber Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1104 [quantity]
1105Indigo Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1105 [quantity]
1106Jade Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1106 [quantity]
1107Mauve Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1107 [quantity]
1108Russet Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1108 [quantity]
1109Teal Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1109 [quantity]
1110Vermillion Berry Seed$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1110 [quantity]
11116 Seater Makeshift Vehicle$0.00 Bits$200.00 Bits/buy 1111 [quantity]
11121 Seater Makeshift Vehicle$0.00 Bits$125.00 Bits/buy 1112 [quantity]
1113Snare$25.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1113 [quantity]
1114Maple Jerrycan$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 1114 [quantity]
1115Birch Jerrycan$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 1115 [quantity]
1116Pine Jerrycan$0.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 1116 [quantity]
1117Pork$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1117 [quantity]
1118Bacon$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1118 [quantity]
1119Barbed Wire Fence$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1119 [quantity]
1120Raw Beef$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1120 [quantity]
1121Cooked Beef$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1121 [quantity]
1122Blue Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1122 [quantity]
1123Green Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1123 [quantity]
1124Orange Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1124 [quantity]
1125Purple Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1125 [quantity]
1126Red Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1126 [quantity]
1127White Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1127 [quantity]
1128Yellow Umbrella$0.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1128 [quantity]
1129Heatstim$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1129 [quantity]
1130Ornamental Barbed Wire$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1130 [quantity]
1131Ornamental Barbed Wire Fence$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1131 [quantity]
1132Snowball$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1132 [quantity]
1133Black Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1133 [quantity]
1134Blue Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1134 [quantity]
1135Green Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1135 [quantity]
1136Orange Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1136 [quantity]
1137Purple Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1137 [quantity]
1138Red Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1138 [quantity]
1139White Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1139 [quantity]
1140Yellow Scarf$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1140 [quantity]
1141Crimson Beret$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1141 [quantity]
1142Gold Beret$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1142 [quantity]
1143Sawed-Off$85.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 1143 [quantity]
1144Large Birch Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1144 [quantity]
1145Large Birch Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1145 [quantity]
1146Large Maple Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1146 [quantity]
1147Large Maple Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1147 [quantity]
1148Large Pine Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1148 [quantity]
1149Large Pine Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1149 [quantity]
1150Small Birch Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1150 [quantity]
1151Small Birch Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1151 [quantity]
1152Small Maple Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1152 [quantity]
1153Small Maple Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1153 [quantity]
1154Small Pine Plate (Equilateral)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1154 [quantity]
1155Small Pine Plate (Right)$0.00 Bits$3.00 Bits/buy 1155 [quantity]
1156Thief Top$150.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 1156 [quantity]
1157Thief Bottom$150.00 Bits$37.50 Bits/buy 1157 [quantity]
1158Claim Flag$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1158 [quantity]
1159Maple Syrup$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1159 [quantity]
1160Pancake$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1160 [quantity]
1161Waffle$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1161 [quantity]
1162Dough$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1162 [quantity]
1163Doughnut$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1163 [quantity]
1164Pizza$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1164 [quantity]
1165Nailgun$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1165 [quantity]
1166Nailgun magazine$5.00 Bits$1.25 Bits/buy 1166 [quantity]
1167Nailgun barrel$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1167 [quantity]
1168Civilian Armor Vest$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1168 [quantity]
1169Spec Ops Vest$350.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1169 [quantity]
1170Spec Ops Rucksack$500.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 1170 [quantity]
1171Spec Ops Top$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1171 [quantity]
1172Spec Ops Bottom$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1172 [quantity]
1173Makeshift Armor$0.00 Bits$36.25 Bits/buy 1173 [quantity]
1174Scythe$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1174 [quantity]
1175Chart$10.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1175 [quantity]
1176GPS$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1176 [quantity]
1178Diving Tank$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1178 [quantity]
1179Wetsuit Top$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1179 [quantity]
1180Wetsuit Bottom$0.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1180 [quantity]
1181Snorkel$100.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 1181 [quantity]
1182Black Duffelbag$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1182 [quantity]
1183Blue Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1183 [quantity]
1184Green Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1184 [quantity]
1185Orange Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1185 [quantity]
1186Purple Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1186 [quantity]
1187Red Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1187 [quantity]
1188White Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1188 [quantity]
1189Yellow Duffelbag$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1189 [quantity]
1190Ranger Muzzle$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1190 [quantity]
1191Ranger Barrell$60.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1191 [quantity]
1192High Caliber Military Ammunition$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 1192 [quantity]
1193High Caliber Ranger Ammunition B$0.00 Bits$40.00 Bits/buy 1193 [quantity]
1194Horde Beacon$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 1194 [quantity]
1195Handcuffs$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1195 [quantity]
1196Handcuffs Key$25.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1196 [quantity]
1197Cable Tie$0.00 Bits$22.50 Bits/buy 1197 [quantity]
1198Pickaxe$40.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1198 [quantity]
1199Headlamp$150.00 Bits$20.00 Bits/buy 1199 [quantity]
1200Military Fragmentation Magazine$40.00 Bits$8.00 Bits/buy 1200 [quantity]
1201Military Nightvision Scope$200.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1201 [quantity]
1202Maple Rifle Rack$0.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1202 [quantity]
1203Birch Rifle Rack$0.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1203 [quantity]
1204Pine Rifle Rack$0.00 Bits$6.25 Bits/buy 1204 [quantity]
1205Maple Trophy Case$0.00 Bits$5.50 Bits/buy 1205 [quantity]
1206Birch Trophy Case$0.00 Bits$5.50 Bits/buy 1206 [quantity]
1207Pine Trophy Case$0.00 Bits$5.50 Bits/buy 1207 [quantity]
1208Rain Barrel$50.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1208 [quantity]
1209Explosive Arrow$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1209 [quantity]
1210Brick Doorway$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1210 [quantity]
1211Brick Garage$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1211 [quantity]
1212Brick Pillar$30.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1212 [quantity]
1213Brick Post$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 1213 [quantity]
1214Brick Rampart$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1214 [quantity]
1215Brick Wall$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1215 [quantity]
1216Brick Window$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1216 [quantity]
1217Brick Doorframe$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1217 [quantity]
1218Brick Garageframe$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1218 [quantity]
1219Oil Derrick$400.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 1219 [quantity]
1220Metal Rifle Rack$85.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 1220 [quantity]
1221Metal Trophy Case$85.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 1221 [quantity]
1222Cagelight$75.00 Bits$18.75 Bits/buy 1222 [quantity]
1223Maple Shutter$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1223 [quantity]
1224Birch Shutter$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1224 [quantity]
1225Pine Shutter$0.00 Bits$7.50 Bits/buy 1225 [quantity]
1226Metal Shutter$200.00 Bits$31.25 Bits/buy 1226 [quantity]
1227Tanktrap$0.00 Bits$17.50 Bits/buy 1227 [quantity]
1228Water Tank$0.00 Bits$62.50 Bits/buy 1228 [quantity]
1229Fuel Tank$500.00 Bits$125.00 Bits/buy 1229 [quantity]
1230Industrial Generator$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 1230 [quantity]
1231Maple Flag$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1231 [quantity]
1232Birch Flag$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1232 [quantity]
1233Pine Flag$0.00 Bits$15.00 Bits/buy 1233 [quantity]
1234Metal Flag$0.00 Bits$67.50 Bits/buy 1234 [quantity]
1235Maple Doubledoor$0.00 Bits$17.50 Bits/buy 1235 [quantity]
1236Birch Doubledoor$0.00 Bits$17.50 Bits/buy 1236 [quantity]
1237Pine Doubledoor$0.00 Bits$17.50 Bits/buy 1237 [quantity]
1238Metal Doubledoor$180.00 Bits$45.00 Bits/buy 1238 [quantity]
1239Large Slippery Plate$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1239 [quantity]
1240Detonator $0.00 Bits$167.50 Bits/buy 1240 [quantity]
1241Detenator$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1241 [quantity]
1242Makeshift Grenade$0.00 Bits$67.50 Bits/buy 1242 [quantity]
1243Cot$0.00 Bits$52.50 Bits/buy 1243 [quantity]
1244Sentry Turret$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1244 [quantity]
1245Birch Cupboard$0.00 Bits$6.50 Bits/buy 1245 [quantity]
1246Maple Cupboard$0.00 Bits$6.50 Bits/buy 1246 [quantity]
1247Pine Cupboard$0.00 Bits$6.50 Bits/buy 1247 [quantity]
1248Metal Cupboard$0.00 Bits$21.25 Bits/buy 1248 [quantity]
1249Fridge$0.00 Bits$31.25 Bits/buy 1249 [quantity]
1250Oven$0.00 Bits$45.00 Bits/buy 1250 [quantity]
1251Birch Sink$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1251 [quantity]
1252Maple Sink$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1252 [quantity]
1253Pine Sink$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1253 [quantity]
1254Metal Sink$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1254 [quantity]
1255Lamp$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1255 [quantity]
1256Couch$0.00 Bits$27.50 Bits/buy 1256 [quantity]
1257Birch Library$0.00 Bits$60.00 Bits/buy 1257 [quantity]
1258Maple Library$0.00 Bits$60.00 Bits/buy 1258 [quantity]
1259Pine Library$0.00 Bits$60.00 Bits/buy 1259 [quantity]
1260Metal Library$0.00 Bits$112.50 Bits/buy 1260 [quantity]
1261Oxygenator$0.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 1261 [quantity]
1263Triangular Birch Floor$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1263 [quantity]
1264 Triangular Pine Floor$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1264 [quantity]
1265Triangular Metal Floor$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1265 [quantity]
1266Triangular Maple Roof$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1266 [quantity]
1267Triangular Birch Roof $0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1267 [quantity]
1268Triangular Pine Roof$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1268 [quantity]
1269Triangular Metal Roof$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1269 [quantity]
1270Gasmask$750.00 Bits$187.50 Bits/buy 1270 [quantity]
1271Radiation Filter $250.00 Bits$67.50 Bits/buy 1271 [quantity]
1272Wall Mounted Blue Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1272 [quantity]
1273Wall Mounted Green Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1273 [quantity]
1274Wall Mounted Orange Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1274 [quantity]
1275Wall Mounted Purple Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1275 [quantity]
1276Wall Mounted Red Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1276 [quantity]
1277Wall Mounted Yellow Flare$50.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1277 [quantity]
1278Maple Wardrobe$0.00 Bits$30.00 Bits/buy 1278 [quantity]
1279Birch Wardrobe$0.00 Bits$30.00 Bits/buy 1279 [quantity]
1280Pine Wardrobe$0.00 Bits$30.00 Bits/buy 1280 [quantity]
1281Metal Wardrobe$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1281 [quantity]
1282Parasol$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1282 [quantity]
1283Cooler$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1283 [quantity]
1284Maple Rectangular Table$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1284 [quantity]
1285Birch Rectangular Table$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1285 [quantity]
1286Pine Rectangular Table$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1286 [quantity]
1296Beach Chair$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1296 [quantity]
1297Weak Glasses$50.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1297 [quantity]
1298Bullet Proof Glass$500.00 Bits$10.00 Bits/buy 1298 [quantity]
1299One Way Glass$250.00 Bits$62.50 Bits/buy 1299 [quantity]
1300Tank Cannon$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1300 [quantity]
1301Missile$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1301 [quantity]
1302Missile$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1302 [quantity]
1327Book$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1327 [quantity]
1328Note$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1328 [quantity]
1329Maple Hatch$250.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1329 [quantity]
1330Birch Hatch$250.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1330 [quantity]
1331Pine Hatch$250.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1331 [quantity]
1332Metal Hatch$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1332 [quantity]
1337Paintball Gun$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1337 [quantity]
1339Blue Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1339 [quantity]
1340Green Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1340 [quantity]
1341Orange Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1341 [quantity]
1342Purple Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1342 [quantity]
1343Red Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1343 [quantity]
1344Yellow Paintball Hopper$20.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1344 [quantity]
1345Farming Plot$250.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1345 [quantity]
1346Flashbang$50.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1346 [quantity]
1347Raw Minnow$0.00 Bits$0.50 Bits/buy 1347 [quantity]
1349Raw Goldfish$0.00 Bits$0.50 Bits/buy 1349 [quantity]
1353Stealy Wheely Automobiley$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 1353 [quantity]
1358Pilot Top$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1358 [quantity]
1359Pilot Cap$0.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1359 [quantity]
1360Teklowvka$150.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1360 [quantity]
1361Teklowvka Magazine$15.00 Bits$3.75 Bits/buy 1361 [quantity]
1362Augewehr$650.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 1362 [quantity]
1363Augewehr Scope$0.00 Bits$25.00 Bits/buy 1363 [quantity]
1364Hell's Fury$0.00 Bits$1,000.00 Bits/buy 1364 [quantity]
1365Hell's Fury Drum$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 1365 [quantity]
1366Vonya$0.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1366 [quantity]
1368Vonya Magazine$30.00 Bits$1.75 Bits/buy 1368 [quantity]
1369Bulldog$350.00 Bits$87.50 Bits/buy 1369 [quantity]
1371Bulldog Magazine$45.00 Bits$11.25 Bits/buy 1371 [quantity]
1372Friendly Sentry$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1372 [quantity]
1373Hostile Sentry$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1373 [quantity]
1375Fusilaut$500.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1375 [quantity]
1377Nightraider$750.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1377 [quantity]
1379Calling Card$650.00 Bits$125.00 Bits/buy 1379 [quantity]
1381Calling Card Magazine$71.00 Bits$17.75 Bits/buy 1381 [quantity]
1382Ekho$0.00 Bits$300.00 Bits/buy 1382 [quantity]
1384Ekho Magazine$75.00 Bits$1.75 Bits/buy 1384 [quantity]
1389Spec Ops Beret$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1389 [quantity]
1393Precision Charge$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1393 [quantity]
1395HMG Box$0.00 Bits$12.50 Bits/buy 1395 [quantity]
1406BLT Sandwich$0.00 Bits$1.00 Bits/buy 1406 [quantity]
1413Metal Plaque$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1413 [quantity]
1440Industrial Gas Can$0.00 Bits$62.50 Bits/buy 1440 [quantity]
1447Scalar$0.00 Bits$250.00 Bits/buy 1447 [quantity]
1449Scalar Magazine$30.00 Bits$7.25 Bits/buy 1449 [quantity]
1450Vehicle Battery $10.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1450 [quantity]
1451Tire $10.00 Bits$0.00 Bits/buy 1451 [quantity]
1454Black Trunks$0.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1454 [quantity]
1470Metal Placard$20.00 Bits$5.00 Bits/buy 1470 [quantity]
1476Luger$0.00 Bits$50.00 Bits/buy 1476 [quantity]
1477Maschinengewehr$0.00 Bits$75.00 Bits/buy 1477 [quantity]
1479Maschinengewehr Magazine$0.00 Bits$7.25 Bits/buy 1479 [quantity]
1481Empire$0.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1481 [quantity]
1483Empire Magazine$0.00 Bits$6.75 Bits/buy 1483 [quantity]
1487Luger Magazine$9.00 Bits$2.25 Bits/buy 1487 [quantity]
1488Swissgewehr$0.00 Bits$150.00 Bits/buy 1488 [quantity]
1507Socketwrench $0.00 Bits$222.50 Bits/buy 1507 [quantity]
1508Compass$50.00 Bits$2.50 Bits/buy 1508 [quantity]
3518Lancer Rocket$0.00 Bits$100.00 Bits/buy 3518 [quantity]